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Dog memorial in steel

Any one who has had pets knows the pain of losing one is heartbreaking, they become family members, individuals with personality quirks that make our world so much richer.

There are many ways to honour their lives with us, and not all of us have the room or the ability to bury our pets at home. So how do you recognise their favourite spot in the garden, courtyard, or balcony?

At The Rusty Garden, we provide many of our corten pets to people wanting to memorialise their best friend. Whether these are one of the same breeds or personalised to reflect the individual, it can help with the grieving process to see your pet celebrated in steel. These can be placed in pots or in the ground and we often get emotional messages from people once they are received. They are also easily transportable meaning your friends memory can relocate with you if you move.

How we make our personalised pets is really simple. Just send in some favourite photos of your pet; be it horse, dog, cat or yes even a fish! Along with a rough measurement of either height or length and we will create the rest in proportion.

A quotation will then be sent to reflect the cost involved. At times due to the unknowns of weight and exact measurements we cannot always quote for freight until it is made. Once a deposit is made; our illustrator will get to work. We always give several options on a design and people can work with us to get the design to be a perfect match. After you approve the final design, we ask for the art to be paid in full prior to cutting.

There are only a few things we cannot do; we are sometimes limited by size, so your pet horse with rider might not be life-sized, but will still embody the spirt of your friend.

Our steel is limited in size to 1200mm x 2400mm (or 3000mm). We cannot do poses which are ¾ in nature. As these are 3D images made into 1 Dimension of steel it can leave some things not quite right.

Please get in touch at if you want to honour your pet and need a memorial.

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