Our Story

We are extremely passionate about our craft and will endeavour to exceed your expectations!

Being married to a metal worker, there were always different creations coming through the gate to use which were far superior in quality to what I was finding at the shops. Our guests were always asking where our items came from, whether others could be made and were keen to share their ideas about what they had been looking for. It seemed a natural progression to create The Rusty Garden.

With the help of an engineering design team with decades of experience in the metal industry and friends in graphic arts, The Rusty Garden was born. With a passion for producing items which will be hard-wearing against the harsh Australian climate, our items have been carefully developed and  tried and tested against the rigours of the Australian backyard.

Garden arches and pergolas which require little maintenance yet won’t collapse under the weight of foliage from that beautiful rose you have long desired. Pots which won’t crack like terracotta or fall apart like a wine barrel and are long-lasting, with no fading or termite issues. 

We are small enough to be flexible and innovative in design yet large enough to assist with your commercial needs, whether this be a memorial to a lost pet, signage, garden pots with logos or large pergolas.

Corten Steel requires little to no maintenance, but as a weathering steel only becomes more beautiful as it ages with a stunning patina of rust standing out boldly against the colours of your garden. It will stand up to the rigours of life with children and pets and will look fantastic no matter what is thrown at it. We use a minimum of 3mm corten steel for all of our animal silhouettes and only using small guage steels when making wall mount items.