We at The Rusty Garden believe in putting our planet first and that to move forward in our business we should be striving to reduce emissions where possible and thinking outside the square to recycle and reuse materials where conceivable.

Our timber is sourced from FSC approved sources. This means that the Queensland spotted gum on our bench seats and table tops is harvested with the health of the forest as a foremost consideration.

Packaging adds considerable waste, for something which is only used for a short period of time. Everyone has seen their lounge room on Christmas morning strewn with wrapping paper and felt heavy of heart at the waste. We try to limit our packaging as much as possible. This means that at times we use recycled boxes to package our products for shipping, with the ability to be further recycled after this. At times we must use bubble wrap and cling wrap. Whilst we are presently sourcing a green wrap for pallet wrapping, we are yet to source green bubble wrap. We always recommend recycling this through a soft plastic recycling scheme such as Curby.

Live events are another way we work to reduce our waste. We use straw bales to display our stock these are reused repeatedly until they either become waterlogged or the strings break. Once this happens, we work with the event organisers to see if they can use them or take them back home. This means they have gone on to serve further use as pig’s bedding, chicken flooring, mulching and for sediment/drainage use. Our products are presented in calico bags. These bags can be reused for years at the supermarket before being composted down.
Freight and shipping; most of our products are shipped via Transdirect. All of their shipping partners are carbon neutral.

We are gardeners at heart and this means that even our paperwork is not safe from being recycled. To protect our records, our paperwork is shredded. It is then used as flooring in our hen house. It is then mixed in with our compost to add to our garden helping to add to its life of storing carbon.

If you can think of more ways, we can use our business to help the environment we would love to hear them. Please email and tell us your thoughts and ideas.