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Dragonfly 3D

Dragonfly 3D

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The 3D Dragonfly - a stunning piece of art that will transform any outdoor space! This beautiful sculpture is crafted from high-quality Corten steel, renowned for its unique weathering properties and durability.

The Dragonfly 3D is a three-dimensional representation of a dragonfly, complete with intricate detailing on its wings and body. The sculpture stands at 195mm tall and is mounted on a sturdy base, making it perfect for outdoor display in gardens, patios, or even by the pool.

Made from Corten steel, this sculpture is not only visually stunning, but also incredibly resilient to the elements. The steel develops a protective layer of rust over time, which not only adds to the sculpture's aesthetic appeal but also acts as a barrier to prevent further corrosion.

Dragonfly 3D Assembled size: 292mm wide x 195mm high x 270mm long
Flat packed: 241mm x 270mm long x 3mm x 2 of
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